Excellent pedigree

Parmafey is a large successful firm of offshore financial advisers providing high quality expert advice to our client's based all across the globe. Since 1998 Parmafey has offered a truly independent professional service always with our clients best interest at heart. According to Reaney & Wilson the name Parmafey was used in the 14th century and was an oath name which meant " by my faith" In good faith, and that is how we operate here at Parmafey we always act in the best of faith for our clients.

‚ÄčIn 2015 Parmafey has joined forces with Balquidder Advisers ‚Äčto provide a better all round service to our clients.

Parmafey caters to the needs of international expatriates and international investors across the globe. The majority of our clients are professionals and successful in their chosen field. You may be working for a large international company, contracting overseas, a diplomat, or run your own business, you may have retired and need advice on how to best structure your existing portfolio or cash deposits? Whatever your circumstances, we could help you to achieve your investment goals and financial objectives.


At Parmafey we only work with leading investment companies based in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Switzerland and Luxembourg. We do not handle client money, our clients send their cash direct to the companies we recommend. The financial institutions we use are protected by Investor protection laws which protect 90% of your assets should that company be unable to meet its liabilities.

We offer a different type of service which we feel is better suited to the modern international investor.  Over the past 15 years of providing the traditional one on one financial advice service we noticed that most of the time we communicated with our clients via email and telephone and that expensive personal visits in the most part where not required, and in general meant reduced quality of service by the individual consultant through traveling a great deal of the time. The high costs of our consultants traveling to see potential clients not only meant higher costs for us, but it also created a very high company carbon footprint.  Consultants who are required to travel a great deal are unable to monitor client portfolios adequately and regular communication can be difficult. We prefer that our consultants use their time wisely and focus on customer service and building long term relationships from the office, taking advantage of modern technology.

Feedback from our clients has been excellent especially as we now pass on the savings made to our clients by way of reduced investment fees, fund commissions either by way of extra allocation or through rebates. Normally this can mean a saving to our clients of up to 4% depending on the type of fund they are investing in. Not all funds pay commissions, but when possible we will strive to give our clients the best value available.